Eco Tour 2019 wrap up

Well the flow was


In addition to great flows the river was deep and wide and offered unabated

Runs without fear of any tree rapids!

That was the big tree rapid just past the RR bridge…easy enough!

The old bridge survived another year for at least half of the support!

We also had a great look at the Bald Eagle this trip.

You will need to zoom in to see it clearly.

And we got to see a couple of mammals too..

Mr Racoon doing a little pre meal cleaning

And Mr Coyote however he was much harder to get a good photo of too!

This is as you know the official put in for the tour

Did you know…

This is the new improved…world class new take out / put in!

The city of Lewisville



So grand opening in 2020!

Here is a preview from what we can see…

Large steps down to the water…

A concrete bottom in the launch area

A large kayak sidewalk to roll down for larger heavier kayaks

A long wide area to launch several kayaks at once

Lots of parking on concrete!

Hand holds for various abilities kayak launching and more!

Way to go Lewisville!

Thanks to all those that paddled our FAV north Texas river spot and were looking forward to 2020 and to paddling with all our old and new friends too!

Eco Tour photos