We had a ball

A goof ball…wait check that…correction golf ball!

And why not? the wind was only gusting to 27mph from the North

In fact our side of Whiterock lake looked more like the North Sea

This was when the wind calmed down!

Just so you know we bugged out to our friends on the Lee side of that North wind…

First Unitarian Curch

Thanks to them we were just cold and not cold and in the wind…

And the that white stuff was trying to get us going

But we pushed through…

even when it piled up all around us

The snow really shows how much wind was still blowing on the “not windy” side!

Ahem…despite being paddle conflicted….

We did get after it!

The good news it was a short and mud free carry to launch…thanks to the boat ramp

These hardy souls were both new to the S4 and new to kayaking!

They said….and I quote

“How COOL!”

1 11 2020 S4 photos

THANKS to all our



And experienced too

The real irony…..

We came ….

We cleaned…

We paddled

through the worst and only when we closed the warehouse door


did the sun come out!

Hope to see you next Month!

And hope to see less winter and more sun!

Paddle Smart

Paddle Safe