FEB 2nd Sat

Photos update 2 10 20

We were out of whistles!!

These guys were kind enough to be a living self promotional pic!

THANKS you two!

We use this same method to get folks to help us clean the lake……however our treat is a kayak!

And if you some how missed us today…dont fret…we did the heavy lifting for you!

We made some new friends!

And had the support of the usual suspects

We never got bored…

Well…maybe once!

Holly smokes!

Our ground crew knocked their socks off or at the very least …thru sock??…

And yes we love our volunteers!!!

Knife work!

Might be our fav photo!

Feeling fruity?

But still fun !!!

Right Katie?

Right Mike!

Hey check out the current album at this link


With more photos to come..Thanks Steve &

Thanks Penny

And to all our volunteers…Thanks

Thanks for getting trashed with us & pencil in

Saturday March 14th