San Marco’s river clean up

We partnered with our friends at the TRPA and did a little cleaning up of our fav central Texas river the San Marcos!

Thanks to Tom and his family for providing a place for us to sleep this weekend too!

Saturday started at off a little on the chilly side but soon started to warm

And even at low flows we had plenty of h2O to float our boats…our trash boats!

Yes that’s a Mr Coffee I got out of the river…

And this was our 1st trash of the day…we gathered at the put in…remember we like these

So much more than this

Yes that was several dozen paddlers worth of trash at skulls takeout.


So the weather turned…


We has some very experienced trashers paddling

And before you know it

We were knee deep in fun!

We also got to get up close and personal with all the critters…the turtles the fish and of course the snakes too.

Banded water snake

And speaking of being ideally adapted to your environment….we got to paddle with the local canoes guys too. The guys go way beyond your average trasher….they were amazing…the would park and scour the ground…then climb the trees to get the hanging trash then jump back in…. the water and do a foot feel and then masks and snorkels to get the river bottom trash too!

Hats off to these hard core river trash warriors!

So we continued on to Martindale and with most of the river looking good we did not have as much success in getting a lot more trash but we did get some!

And it was late in the afternoon and much much warmer so a quick dip to cool off and we called it a day

So mark you calendar for 2021 and join us for the river clean up!

Paddle Safe Paddle Often