We missed

Covid 19 but…we did find

Got foam?
03 14 2020

No TRASH! Or is that know TRASH?

Lots and lots of trash!

Thanks DPARD

It was super windy to start but the sun was trying it’s best to peak.

We has the usual suspects

Land & Sea

Doing the usual things

Making a cleaner lake for all!

Trash warrior

We even had some VIPs

The Z man!

The big Z from FTLOTL!


You got some splaning to do!


And Wes reminding everyone …..

never bring a knife to a kayak fight!

Getin trashed

Check these out

Zoom in…

Straight up gangster!

Yes this is about 30 + years old

Anyone have an 8 track I can borrow?

Yes it was the Beetles White album…..

And thanks to the love of the lake for lending some cleaning tools I tried to return them. But no was home at 430?? Whats up with that?

Hope to see you next Month on Saturday April 11th 2020 9am WRL