Happy Earth Day!

Thanks to the forethought of many including the Honorable Senator Nelson we are happly at our 50th anniversary of Earth Day and more environmental stewardship!

As the dawn breaks we are faced with some serious challenges to the earth and all of its people.

The long view…

In the grand scheme of things were looking small.

But in our macro WORLD we need to work together

And not as just groups of many….

We need to work as groups of many focused on a single goal!

As you know were serious about water…

We like this


what you might not know is some general facts about the Earth’s water…

So let us lay it on you….

Hopefully this can serve as a reminder to everyone that calls this planet home…

That we must make an effort to make sure we have a home that can support us all….

Not just TODAY …

but for all future generations

Hope to see you on the water in

MAY 2020!