Awesome S4

O yes!


All pics added from SF!!


We have the best volunteers in the biz..

Hard chargers

It’s a very eclectic group!

Yes it’s a skill

But we have a common goal…keep the planet clean one lake at a time!

Kudos to the group or person that got that gas line out of the water…I had been pulling on that for a couple of months!

This is view from the water looking back up at Jackson Point

Killing it!

So we had about 19 paddle out and get trashed but we also had another 20 show up for shore work and for support and that’s not even counting Izzy and Lucy (check out Lucy’s sup skills)

What? Your dog cant sup??

Check out most of the picks here….

And as soon as I figure out shutterflys fun interface…I will post the balance of the shots too!

Second Saturday July 11

2020 9am soft start WRL