Group if the YEAR 2021

THE “Paddle Award”

We are honored to recieve the volunteers of the year 2021 from the Love of the Lake group for the hard work showing up in inclement weather and putting up with the goofy jokes all year.

11 13 2021

This was the haul from Novembers almost* perfect day.

If you missed the party across the lake on saturday…. you the interped volunteers missed being Thanked by

The Local city counsel members

The Park dept

The fine men and women of the Dallas Police dept

The President if the FTLOTL

The board of the FTLOTL

And we did not get to add our 2 cents at the party but we would have said…..

We appreciate all our volunteers for all they do to help us and the environment one lake at a time.

We understand the value of protecting our enviroment both local and global and not just for us but for the future

While that is the mission the real gift over and above the stewardship is all the interesting unique caring and truely amazing folks we get to meet interact and clean with over the year.