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Stop Dreaming……….Start Paddling
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December 14, 2011 by mike swope

Saturday December 17th

Safety Talk 9am Paddles Wet 10am

6.8 miles of river fun and your invited!


We love this time of year to paddle, we seem to see more

wildlife and have a slower pace on the river too!

It’s is December so

Please dress for success…


layers layer layers!

Call or Text or Email with


214 669 1663



See you on the water!

S4 report…..

December 10, 2011 by mike swope

What a day, this time we got lucky and the weather was tough to start and got better as the clocked away to …

Perfect weather at the Lake!!!

And because we had perfect weather….


No one was board……

Ahahahahahahaha…OK on the other pics…

despite the ahem…conditions   we gather a bunch of trash!



To make that even more impressive we did it with only

a few folks, few but all trash hounds through and through!


And if you like the board word play….you would have…

had a ball with us today too!




to all of 2011 Volunteers

for making the

lake a better place

to paddle in all year!

Check out all the photo’s here and don’t miss our last event


ECO Tour Elm fork Trinity River Saturday 12.17.2011


Happy Holidays!

WRL Marathon wrap up!

December 8, 2011 by mike swope


Oops.. seems we forgot to add Sandy & Charito

to the list of volunteers that raced and finished,

yikes my bad!

Congrats to all who finished including these ladies!!!!


Cold Wet, Colder and Wetter, and that was just us as

course guides!


Here’s Marvin,

man he’s a tough guy,

he stayed out in the rain to make sure no runner got lost at this intersection, but hey…

THANKS to all our volunteers, including….

Charito’s kids, (y’all were great!), Bubba, Ken, Jackie, Karen, Terri, Michael, Raney, Eldon, and more!

It takes a lot to get up very early on a cold wet winter day.

A lot like …Starbucks, a free race T, and the need for fun!



And speaking of fun, a big shout out to the local law enforcement we had working at this corner, these guys ROCK!

They are everything you would expect of the high standards of the Dallas Police, we thanks them for keeping us safe..

today and everyday!



this was the bad we had too,

these are young rocks singing their own songs and guess what, their good…real good,

I have some of the song on video along with some of the runner, check back for a shorter than 22 min video I shot!



Some of our group couldn’t stand watching so this year they ran a relay, congrats to Brian Grace Nettie Wanda and Heather for earning their medals in the 1/2 marathon!

Join us in 2012 for another great race, assuming your not



Next event  S4 WRL 12/10/2011  9-11 am  FREE Trash!!

Final 2011 KayakPower event…..LLELA 12/17/2011

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