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Beavers and Canadian Lynx

January 30, 2012 by mike swope

So with the wacky weather…you know hot then cold

Wet then dry, remember enjoy the rain it might not rain

from March to October it been….well   wacky…..

We had some interesting developments………


1st The Beaver Pond at LLELA

Its ready for paddling…….CameraZOOM-20120128140830762

CameraZOOM-20120128140758913Such a cool paddle trail and so close to the us too!


Check out the live report from this weekend too..


BEAVER POND is ready for Fun


And for the other wild person…. oops I mean wildlife

Check out this video from Wanda from here early morning

workout at the lake..just a quick workout and a little nature

nature with a 4 paws big claws and big teeth too…..


good thing Wanda is not on the food chain at WRL!!!

You never know who…or what your going to see but…

That is exactly what makes life fun!

See ya on the water…or at least close to it!!!

LEC (llela eco tour) UPDATE

January 23, 2012 by mike swope

Gosh….. Steve was rehabbing an arm and was shooting

from the front of the double kayak and got some great



Including a red tail hawk…in flight, Wow Steve kudos!!!

He also got the Great Blue Heron in a tree….


And not to be outdone with just birds, he got a mammal too


No NOT WENDY…. there’s a armadillo …look close…

But my favorite shot….


3 kayak chicks in their native habitat……..

Thanks Steve!






January 22, 2012 by mike swope

At LLELA…… yes that’s right, we got locked out of LLELA last Friday night and the campout was called off……….for the manhunt.

It seems that while under arrest a handcuffed man escaped from the Lewisville pd somewhere along 121 and was thought to be in the park. Accordingly  the park was closed. Later on Saturday we were made aware that the manhunt was called off and the lockdown was lifted…YEA!!!!

So what became of the handcuffed man? Well maybe it’s our local version

of   D B Cooper without the plane, and the money of course.

We looked for him on the river……

P1210226But we were more interested in the fun we were having than someone else’s legal issues…

P1210228  That’s Mary showing off her “WOOHOO” skills in the 1st rapid……

P1210235 P1210234 And the night was cool but the day was great lots of sunshine on the river!

We hit the beach but this day no one opted for the river float…go figure….

P1210238 P1210240

P1210239 P1210244

Here’s the crew…




And the close up too…..



Remember the last time you had this much fun??


Our next trip is the 3rd Sat of February, please join us for you share of fun!

Manhunt..not included!  


What a lovely Winter day…

January 15, 2012 by mike swope

For a cleanup…..


The wind was from the southeast so our little corner of the lake was nice and clam….


but nice and calm…. check out this cup from Ken…..

its frozen inside!



We had a great start to the new year with some new folks


And what clean up would be complete without some of our

returning superstars???


If you want to see dedication to the keeping the lake clean



No Ed didn’t really drink that, we were just goofing around

But Ed did care enough, as did we all.. to get up, show up

and clean the lake…just fyi… it really needed it


We got out on the water some, it was actually warmer than

standing on the ground…. go figure!



Se we started 2012 with a really solid cleanup….


We had about 14 people, which is amazing that we got

all this …..


Including old chairs..

cooler lid….

and a tire… with the rim!


thanks ED!


For those that braved the new year you got a …….

Starbucks gift card, and a REI Volunteer T shirt too.

Just our way of saying Thanks for helping keep the lake

clean and making it a better place to paddle for all!


Next WRL clean up …….  second Saturday in February !




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