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Stop Dreaming……….Start Paddling
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It’s a Holiday week….

June 30, 2014 by mike swope

An those shortened work days

(before we even factor in the futbol

…and it’s a short countdown to the weekend! 



The July 4th weekend, and you know what that means…

Hotdogs, tator salad, sweet tea, pickles and fun with the



And to kick of July, join us at the water edge for the Intro

Class this Saturday the 5th of July 9am at Sand Bass Pt!

Still $ 125 and includes a free return to class and….AND

a full days free rental plus razor sharp kayak skills too!



Or if you just need some quality time inquire about our

rentals  kayaks and canoes, 1/2 day and Full days rentals

Contact Brian at 214 629 7316 and get your rental

scheduled today,  call or text …we’ll get you on the water!



Short on coin and still need that paddling jones covered??

Join us for S4 every 2nd Saturday of the Month 7.12.14!!!

Get Trashed with KPC, in fact the 1st 10 paddlers get our

trashed out clean T for free…9am  4100 W Lawther near

the water, and the corner of Jackson Point     (hint hint)



And maybe its some river time you crave, or carve???

Well at least it moves a little, this is Texas of course…


this is what the put in at LLELA looks like form the ground..


this is what you see from the cockpit of your kayak….

paddling with us…every 3rd Saturday of the Month

July 19th 2014 9am safety talk 10 am Paddles WET!

Log on and make your RVSP to the LLELA Eco Tour…

Adults still just $ 50 kids 13-18 $ 25 and kids under13

paddle FREE with KPC…Space is limited so don’t delay!


And where would we be with out or Triathlon Supports?

That’s easy restful slumber and not an alarm at 430 am…

O Well some has to paddle with a purpose…..

Join us in the wee hours of the am and help us with water

safety and in return you get a race Tshirt and the gratitude

the the swim racers too, (not to mention the race owner!!)

Join us Sunday July 13th at 5:52am in Little Elm as we

support the Swim run for Tri Now ! If you paddled with us

last year….we’d love to see you again!


We also need some tri support for the

Lewisville Toll Tag Tri

Sunday July 27th 2014 at 6:15am

Do you have what it takes to rise before the sun

and paddle in support of the racers??


We also need a volunteer or two to help us with the

AD intercity youth paddle hosted at the WRBC on the

east side of WRL from 10am to 3pm on Friday the 11th

of July, please contact us if you would like to paddle or \

help support the ground crew, they are a great group of

kids and I get just as much out of them as I hope the get f

rom me too!

Two chances to feel good about the future….

Friday July 18th

10am to 3pm same bat time same bat place

PS Weather days are the 23rd and 24th I believe I mentions ….this IS Texas!


Did I mention Dallas Five 55?

Join Juan for a really cool swim run race at

Meadowmere Park on the lovely shores of

Lake Grapevine

Tuesday the 22nd of July 630pm Swim start..

(PS its also a tri race support training if your so inclined)



To Everyone


we hope to see


on the water!

Sunday was fun albeit a bit windy…

June 29, 2014 by mike swope



Didn’t matter if your 5 or 7 or even older, it was a nice day!


We did a little single, a little double and a little sup too..


the wind was trying to steal the afternoon, but we made it


A Big THANKS to Helena and Otto and of course ChaChy too!


Get your family or group on the water in a private lesson..

Starting at $ 125, just give us a call and we meet you at

the lake or the creek or the river and we’ll bring the fun!

Tri Support

June 26, 2014 by mike swope

As you know we help with water safety on various


The last one we supported was the DISCO Tri in



Valley View on Lake Ray Roberts and one of our fav

Lifeguards was not doing safety…no no no…she was

R A C I N G !!!!!!


Congratulations to Ms. Courtney for her

O U T S T A N D I N G   F I N I S H !!!!

9th in class 150 overall

Courtney Miller

383 25 3 30:59.2 2:04HM 4:38.1 7 1:32:48.1 14.9mph

2:06.9 9 1:10:53.7 11:26/M 3:21:26.1



so if you need your race covered, or racers too, just

give us a ring and we’ll help you get your kayaks ON!!!

Eco Tour treated to a heavy mammal…

June 25, 2014 by mike swope

It was the best day so far this year for water and weather


Overcast skies, a slight breeze and water above 150 CFS!


and the last flood opened up the tree “rapid” it still

makes for some excitement solo or double……..


We had a smaller group so we were able to sneak up on

the various critters too….insects seem to be easy this trip




be also got some of the reptile life in as well….


and the big plus on this trip …..

We caught a heavy mammal swimming from bank to bank..


NO ….a different mammal……


Can you see the ear and face just above the center of

the photo above?

                               Canis latrans


Here is a different shot, he swam across the river a few

yards in front of our group and then checked us too!


Who know why he was looking, were just an average group

of river folks having a fun time on the water…..





We also rounded out or day with a little Texas 2 step too

In fact it was our 1st ever double winner 2 step!


Mark you calendar for the July fun every 3rd Saturday!


See ya on the River!


North Texas Kids Camp……

June 24, 2014 by mike swope

Yes we had a little quality river time with the kids from UNT


This is what happens with you put the kids in kayaks and

add the natural fun of the water to the equation…FUN!





But we also provided some learning fun too, like instruction

and UNT added in water sampling, site observation and

a lot more too!


It’s this basic understanding of the world we live in and how

water effects every aspect of our daily lives that makes it

so important that we learn these things as a young person!




THANKS to Brian Leigh and all the folks at the Elm Fork

Education center for the kids and a great day on the water!





See you on the water, hopefully SOON TOO!


Happy Fathers Day!

June 15, 2014 by mike swope

To all the Fathers and the families too!

dad canoe 2014


dad kayak 2014


S4 and other stuff…..

June 14, 2014 by mike swope


             to all our awesome volunteers…..   THANK YOU!!!!

20140614_112833 20140614_112831

We had a very good turnout for the cleanup, and thankfully even with our

early am gear and equipment ahem…issues   we were able to make a real

 P1010732 20140614_105948

Play on the trash, P1010733


We also had a winner  in the…….

           ” biggest siding on top of your boat”  category too!

                     …. told her she looked a little board

20140614_105704 “Why yes…that is a coconut, and …I’m happy to see you too!


Check out all the cool fun photos below…

Check out Steve’s Photos too!




Rentals fun from KPC too…  & THANIKS!!

We seemed to be almost coast to coast and international today too!

Our new friends from Florida join us for the S4, our new friends from

Michigan, and  from over the pond say hello to the UK paddlers too!


              Welcome to Texas and Howdy from KayakPower!

20140614_103825 20140614_103833






We were happy to help at both Lewisville and at Grapevine ……Thanks to David Jamie and Bubba too!  THANKS!


Stop Dreaming about being in a kayak and Start Paddling with KPC!!!!

That little bit of moisture from the sky…

June 12, 2014 by mike swope

FLUSHED White Rock Creek and that means…….


Lots of Trash to be collected, and we’ll be there on SAT


June the 14tth 9:00 am at 4100 West Lawther Drive…


Join us for the S4 and meet new friends and get trashed!


From the land or from the water we get the job done!


Lets put our heads together and get some of this


TRASH     out of the lake!





Follow the watershed

June 11, 2014 by mike swope

With our friends at the Elm Fork Education Center!


Along with our close and personal kayak friend…Super B!

So we took the teachers to school today on McWhorter

Creek, and guess what we found?

If you guessed Purple Pickerel Hyacinth, well your RIGHT!


We took some water samples, studied some plants…


checked out the soil strata, and the game prints……



White tailed deer in case your were wondering……

and then we also did a little exploring too…..



This group was smart and good looking too

with a group like this today you really need to be on your

toes to keep them smiling …



& sometimes we get lucky and they are more than happy!


Check back with us for the video, and check out all the

pictures from today…


O if you missed placed your 1/2 full silver water bottle with a couple of leather bands and a decal on it in a kayak…


Sorry we haven’t seen it!!!


Just FYI…. there is one exactly like it on ebay, the “buy it now” price, seems really fair too.

Swim Across America another huge success

June 10, 2014 by mike swope

Swim Across America: Making Waves To Fight Cancer


Even with the giant wind and waves that hampered the…

Swimmers, the support crew, the spectators and ???


It started out as a beautiful morning with a great sunrise!


In fact we started a wee bit early to avoid Mr Wind…..



and I know if doesn’t look it from the only two (2) photos

I was able to take at this event…..


But it picked up from a couple of mph to about 13 and

steady the kicker was the direction it was perfectly into

the cove where the race course was and with that long

fetch the rollers were 3 to 5 feet with a sneaker of 10

every now and again mostly while you were not looking…..


I could not release my paddle and shot photo without


swimming too…in fact TC got a little to hot and went for

a cooling dip…TWICE!!!  nevertheless, we were happy to

support the fight against cancer and hope we helped in our

own small way too!


So please make a note to join me next time and perhaps you can hold my kayak while I photo !!


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