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Stop Dreaming…Start Paddling
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& the swimming was so much fun…..

June 7, 2011 by mike swope

We thought we’d  “Tri” it again……..

at the crack of Dawn on Sunday in Las Colinas

with Staci and Playtri


And with the Irving Fire Dept.

who by the way send there

most experienced rescue


personal, and let me tell you, the guys are “fired up”

about Safety!        I waited all year for that one!!!


so anyway…the gun fires and

were of and swimming on the

first leg of the tri……..


The start is always crowed by the racers thin out as the

race distance sets in…. we raced 1500M 500M and 300M

and this is much tougher than a pool, first you can see in

the water, second, the sun is making it hard to see above

the water, and so one is trying to kick you in the face all at

the same time…in kayaking we call those conditions…



Not to mention your breathing

really hard, your racing…duh!

and you have a little biking


and running let for your morning as well!

That’s the reason we watch you a little closer on a TRI


as we might see a little drop off in the Adrenaline

before you get to the stairs and climb out of the water……


Congratulations to all the

swimmers, both the racers

and the pacers…


It’s not about the time, it’s

about racing yourself

and finishing too!




Check out the photos below and check us out next week

too at the ………..Swim Across America event

at Lake Ray Hubbard, near the Harbor on the far east side!



Las Colinas Swim race

June 7, 2011 by mike swope

And a first in the last few years…….

Almost not wind so swimming conditions were….grand!


unless you were…swimming instead of paddling…..

Just Kidding, please don’t send hate mail, please!!!


with help and support from our friends at the Irving FD..


Every swimmer had a good race and was safe and sound


So next time your racing with PLAYTRI, and your swimming

give us a shout out, because were working on Max for you!


OK maybe not Max, but you know what I mean….


And if you’d like to get paid to paddle at the next race,

just let us know, were always looking for safety kayakers!


See you on the water!

Family Fun at Rockledge

June 6, 2011 by mike swope

P6040250it was a sunny warm June

Saturday in Texas and you know what that means….

Were paddling, and Saturday we were on Grapevine

Lake with a Intro 2 Kayaking Class.

We cover lots of stuff both on the land and in the water….


but we also like to get inside your head and find your inner



sometime we get you to ……..get it

and sometimes we get……


Well… we get something….




It’s all Good …RIGHT!!!

So if were talking,

P6040247Were also teaching…….


hopefully your having fun in the process too….


We also had our friend and professional instructor and also

newly professional photographer, Mike Gibson shot some

o u t s t a n d I n g  photos of the class…


Check them out at this link


And of course we took a few too!

Check us out for your next…




                         or just because your committed to…




With KayakPower!

Weekend Update ….

June 2, 2011 by mike swope

Happy pre Friday fellow paddlers!


Hopefully you got to go paddling with us at BPS last weekend in the ahem…very strong wind…for some it was a blast for others…….


Maybe not so much…

But all’s wells that end’s well, and Steve got back in that kayak and had a great time!

The Intro 2 Kayaking is

at Grapevine Lake @ Rockledge Park

on Saturday June 4th at 9am

At only $125 it’s the best value in instruction in the North Texas area, with free return to class, free full day rental and were also jam packed with lots if BANG too!

If you know what I’m talking about……….

Class size is limited but we still have room for  YOU!


Were also doing a Tri this weekend with PLAYTRI,

and we need your help both Saturday and Sunday too…

Were back at Las Colinas by the Marriott for a

Saturday Swim Race here’s the detail…

Current water temperature: 79 degrees F

When          Saturday, June 4, 2011
  • We need you there by 11:30 to be ready for these races!
  • 12:30pm 300 meter beginner swim
  • 12:45pm 750 meter swim
  • 1:15pm 1500 meter swim
  • The Marriott Las Colinas
    223 West Las Colinas Blvd.
    Irving, TX

Swim Race: 300 meter, 750 meter and 1500 meter swim

We pay our Volunteers…you get $ 20 in cash and a racers T shirt too, for your volunteering and O…by the way …you get to paddle too!

We need about 6 folks who like to paddle and have fun too!


Sunday PlayTri Tri  very early in the am…


You need to be ready to paddle by 6:45am!


Marriott Las Colinas
223 West Las Colinas Blvd.
Irving, TX


RBM International Distance: 1500 meter swim – 24 mile bike (2 loops) – 10k run (2 loops)

Sprint Triathlon: 500 meter swim – 12 mile bike – 5k run

My First Tri: 300 meter swim – 12 mile bike – 2mi run


This is paid volunteer event, we need about 12 folks who can paddle and like to have fun too…even early in the AM!

Please Call or TM or email me at

214 669 1663 TM the same number or

If you’d like to be paid to paddle!

BPS Demo and fishing/windsurfing tourney…

June 1, 2011 by mike swope


We set up the challenge course, and the wind blew…

We set up the Slalom gates and the wind blew harder..



We got folks in kayaks and headed upwind……….


only to have them get blown downwind,

by the 36+ mph wind


And some, (Thanks Steve) got the full value of the demo!


Thanks to Ryan….


the Camping GM at BPS for letting us use the dock…

And to Allen for helping us keep the folks safe…



And for that lift and load help too…..

So if you were at the demo please check out your

photo in the group below, and yes feel free to download

and share with all your friends, including those that didn’t

get to kayak in the north sea conditions last Sat and Sun!


The photos were professionally shot by Mike Gibson

469 713 7659

Check out his work at….

and or /kayakpower   for our all shots too!

And remember the Bass Fishing is still on for the fall and hopefully with better wind conditions for kayaking too!

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